Deborah Sevy

    Voice Dialogue Sessions

A transformational process…

connecting personality and soul, and supporting the development of our own true free will.

What is Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness and transformation that includes an in-depth study of the many selves or sub-personalities that make up the psyche. Voice Dialogue works with dreams, relationships, and body energy fields. A Voice Dialogue session opens wide the doors to your inner world giving you tremendous insights that you can apply immediately to your life.

Voice Dialogue assumes that instead of being made of one unitary personality that our personality consists of many different sub-personalities. The process of Voice Dialogue is a simple but powerful method in which we talk to the different sub-personalities in order to get to know ourselves better. Just as the inner critic and inner child are real inner parts of us we also have countless other parts that are real also. These selves express themselves as a continuous stream of energy moving through us, shaping our bodies and our experience at all times. The Voice Dialogue process is gentle, safe, and grounded. It supports us in experiencing life and the fullness of who are.

Voice Dialogue also helps us: